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Date Opposition H/A Result Pts (Oppn Pts)  
17/05Queens Park 2sHWon by 9 Wickets3(1)Report
19/05ArdrossanA1Won by 0 Wickets0(0)Report
05/06PartickA3Won by 6 Wickets2(1)Report
05/06GU StaffA4Won by 5 Wickets2(1)Report
14/06Queens Park 2sA7Won by 8 Wickets3(1)Report
16/06MoorcroftH8Won by 7 Wickets2(0)Report
23/06Glasgow AcciesH9Won by 26 Runs0(0)Report
28/06ClydesdaleALost by 23 Runs1(3)Report
05/07WhitehaughHWon by 8 Wickets3(1)Report
12/07Active LifeHWon by 3 Wickets3(1)Report
14/07WeirsH11Won by 3 Wickets0(0)
19/07RenfrewHWon by 6 Wickets3(1)Report
20/07WhitehaughA12Lost by 5 Runs0(2)
26/07BBCH13Won by 106 Runs0(0)Report
02/08GU StaffH14Cancelled0(0)
04/08Active LifeACancelled0(0)
04/08Queens ParkA15Cancelled0(0)
09/08WhitehaughAWon by 28 Runs3(1)Report
10/08GU StaffH16Cancelled0(0)
16/08Queens ParkA19Cancelled0(0)
17/08HillheadHWon by 10 Wickets3(1)
18/08GU StaffH20

1 Glasgow Cup First Round
2 Western Cup
3 Western Cup Festival
4 Western Cup Festival
5 Western Cup
6 to be played at OA
7 to be played at OA
8 Western Cup Replay
9 Glasgow Cup Round 2
10 Greenwood Cup Round 2
11 Greenwood Cup Round 2 Replay
12 Western Cup
13 Greenwood Cup Quarter Final
14 Glasgow Cup Semi Final
15 Greenwood Cup Semi Final
16 Glagsow Cup Semi Final Replay
17 Western Cup Quarter Final
18 Western Cup Quarter Final Replay
19 Greenwood Cup Semi Final Replay
20 Glasgow Cup Semi Final Replay

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