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Date Opposition H/A Result Pts (Oppn Pts)  
24/04Active Life ClubALost by 8 Wickets1(25)Report
01/05Torrance HouseHLost by 111 Runs3(25)Report
15/05Albert ParkALost by 78 Runs7(25)Report
22/05VictoriaHLost by 10 Wickets0(25)Report
23/05MotherwellA1Won by 42 Runs25(8)Report
29/05KingholmALost by 9 Wickets2(25)Report
05/06HamiltonHLost by 8 Wickets6(25)Report
19/06GlenparkALost by 119 Runs8(25)Report
03/07Torrance HouseALost by 6 Wickets8(25)Report
04/07Active LifeHCancelled0(0)
17/07Albert ParkHWon by 6 Wickets25(2)Report
24/07VictoriaAWon by 5 Wickets25(5)Report
31/07KingholmHWon by 2 Wickets25(8)Report
07/08HamiltonALost by 9 Wickets3(25)Report
14/08CavaliersAWon by 53 Runs25(6)Report
28/08GlenparkH2Lost by 4 Wickets5(25)Report

1 Rearranged from 8th May
2 Game to be played away

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