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Innings of 50 or more

133*M. Kamranv. Anniesland (A)21/08/10
130M. Kamranv. Nunholm (A)05/06/10
118*A. Mackayv. Anniesland (H)19/06/10
94M. Kamranv. Bothwell (A)12/06/10
91*M. Kamranv. GU Staff (A)01/05/10
76*M. Ahmedv. Bothwell (A)12/06/10
76*M. Ahmedv. GU Staff (H)03/07/10
71S. Ahmedv. Langloan (A)22/05/10
69T. Mehmoodv. Cambusdoon (H)08/05/10
66A. Mackayv. GU Staff (H)03/07/10
61M. Kamranv. Cambusdoon (H)08/05/10
61*S. Ahmedv. Cambusdoon (H)08/05/10
59*B. Ranav. Anniesland (H)19/06/10
58Z. Mirzav. Kilmarnock (H)24/04/10
56M. Kamranv. Whitehaugh (H)15/05/10
55*S. Ahmedv. Langloan (A)28/08/10
50*S. Ahmedv. Kilmarnock (A)26/06/10

4 or more wickets in an innings

6-29B. Ranav. Nunholm (H)07/08/10
5-15T. Anjumv. St Michaels (A)31/07/10
5-27S. Newmanv. Whitehaugh (H)15/05/10
5-35M. Ahmedv. St Michaels (H)29/05/10
5-45S. Newmanv. Kilmarnock (H)24/04/10
4-19S. Newmanv. GU Staff (A)01/05/10
4-32S. Newmanv. Whitehaugh (A)17/07/10
4-32T. Anjumv. Bothwell (H)14/08/10
4-35T. Anjumv. Kilmarnock (A)26/06/10
4-35Z. Iqbalv. Whitehaugh (A)17/07/10
4-44E. Allanv. GU Staff (H)03/07/10
4-47B. Ranav. Langloan (A)28/08/10
4-69M. Ahmedv. Nunholm (A)05/06/10
4-70B. Ranav. Anniesland (H)19/06/10


M. Ahmedv. St Michaels (H)28/05/10

50 Partnerships

135 for 3rdM. Kamran & T. Mehmoodv. Cambusdoon (H)08/05/10
94 for 3rdM. Kamran & N. Hussainv. G.U. Staff (A)01/05/10
92 for 8thA. Mackay & B. Ranav. Anniesland (H)19/06/10
88 for 5thS. Ahmed & A. Mackayv. Cambusdoon (H)08/05/10
79 for 1stA. Mackay & I. Thomsonv. G.U. Staff (H)03/07/10
77 for 3rdI. Thomson & M. Kamranv. Bothwell (A)12/06/10
74 for 1stM. Hussain & Z. Mirzav. Kilmarnock (H)24/04/10
74 for 3rdZ. Mirza & S. Ahmedv. Langloan (H)22/05/10
70 for 2ndM. Hussain & M. Kamranv. Whitehaugh (H)15/05/10
70 for 3rdM. Kamran & A. Mackayv. Nunholm (A)05/06/10
65 for 3rdM. Kamran & A. Mackayv. Whitehaugh (H)15/05/10
63 for 4thM. Kamran & I. Thomsonv. Nunholm (A)05/06/10
62 for 6thM. Kamran & M. Ahmedv. Bothwell (A)12/06/10
61 for 1stA. Mackay & S. Ahmedv. Anniesland (H)19/06/10
59 for 5thG. Smillie & M. Ahmedv. G.U. Staff (H)03/07/10
58 for 6thA. Mackay & Z. Mirzav. Anniesland (H)19/06/10
57 for 4thS. Ahmed & I. Thomsonv. Langloan (H)22/05/10
56 for 2ndM. Kamran & S. Ahmedv. Nunholm (A)05/06/10
56 for 6thM. Ahmed & Z. Mirzav. G.U. Staff (H)03/07/10
52 for 2ndA. Mackay & M. Kamranv. G.U. Staff (H)03/07/10
52 for 5thS. Ahmed & N. Hussainv. Kilmarnock (A)26/06/10

Team totals over 200

302-8v. GU Staff (H)03/07/10
297-7v. Anniesland (H)19/06/10
265-7v. Anniesland (A)21/08/10
265-7v. Bothwell (A)12/06/10
260-4v. Cambusdoon (H)08/05/10
253-7v. Nunholm (A)05/06/10
226-9v. Whitehaugh (H)15/05/10
223-8v. Langloan (A)22/05/10
209v. Kilmarnock (H)24/04/10

Dismissing opposition for under 100

76v. Nunholm (H)07/08/10

Lowest team total

78-9v. Nunholm (H)07/08/10

Highest total conceded

256-5v. Cambusdoon (H)08/05/10

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